Amicus Systems possesses a strong set of values that have permeated its birth since its founding in 1997. These values are embodied by a commitment to absolute customer satisfaction, which we achieve by delivering the finest human resources and most cost-effective solutions in a timely manner.In addition, we believe in forming long-term relationships with our customers, which can weather periods of uncertainty and doubt in the clients' business growth cycle.The relationships that Amicus develops depend on an understanding of client needs and requirements, a methodical approach to their technology and business process, with an emphasis towards relationship longevity.

What we offer?

Amicus has a variety of business models that provide optimal flexibility to structure business relationships with clients that result in win-win situations. The company has successfully executed projects in each of the models identified and is also open to combining models or discussing innovative alternative models that clients have developed from experience.

The Extended Development Center (EDC)

The EDC model is a true 24 x 7 development model and functions as an extension of the client's own in-house software development team.

Fixed Price

The model can work well for projects that have a clearly defined scope of work. The client pays a pre-negotiated fixed amount and the Amicus's team delivers a quality product within a specific time frame.

Time & Material

Often, the scope, specification and implementation plans of a technology project are not easy to explicitly define at the outset. In this scenario the time and materials model can often provide the best solution for the client. After the project has been fully defined, Amicus can convert the project to the fixed cost model if the client prefers.

Amicus, with years of collective experience, takes pride in differentiating ourselves in the market with our out-of-box-approach to deliver a solution based result meeting your specifications. We design solutions with a range of flexible options exquisitely for your specified needs right from the inception of the project to round the clock post production support production support.

From developing new business solutions to shortening time to market, we present to you project terms encompassing your changing demands. We build a sound technology by picking the best possible that aligns with your business goals and combine them with our very best

It's about developing a sound technology strategy that aligns with your business goals, then combining the very best technology with winning professional services to give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

Web solutions

We know that large or small, your business is unique. You need a lot or small, we will give you the perfect solution

Off-the-shelf products seldom meet client needs completely, and working with Amicus allows you to create your own solutions in a cost-effective and efficient way. Amicus provides web solutions that range from single page websites to intricate web applications.

What sets us apart is our ability to thoroughly understand your requirements. We put in place our accomplished teams to perceive your requirements meticulously and develop, adapt and fully integrate technology around your unique business goals.

Mobile solutions

Mobility has become so powerful in recent years that it is frequently replicating high-end functions previously limited to laptops and desktops. The prospects of all the applications is ensuring that their business models are mobile first.

Here at Amicus, we will help you orchestrate and realize your mobile potential. We offer end to end strategy and services to address the challenges and opportunities of your business going mobile. Our high end priority is to deliver a custom tailored high security, high definition, and usable mobile application frameworks.


Amicus provides a range of business analytic solutions from basic data management to sophisticated analytics that eventually establish a marked reduction in your financial and operational expenses. Our business analytics incorporate structures and unstructured data and content to drive tangible business impact in a cost effective manner.

These solutions helps you manage corporate risk, enhanced operational efficiency, and ongoing market intelligence much more effectively. We take the scientific and collaborative approach to help you use the ever increasing available data to result in smarter decisions that reduce cost, increase your financial competence, and maximize revenue.

Effective sales and imposing marketing are the instruments of success in many industries. With accelerating technological advancements, the industries have a pressing need to evolve and support customer requirements. They fathom customer’s value and understand where, how and why the customers are seeking guidance. Most Industries are not in shortage of ideas on how to handle critical sales and marketing challenges. The real challenge is to select the right set of initiatives that maximize value.

Here at Amicus, we offers high-end management consulting services to help drive customer strategy and execution, accelerate results and transform companies. We optimize marketing, sales and service interactions by thoroughly understanding the customer strategy capabilities and industry expertise. We all- inclusive understanding of your sales and marketing requirements enable us to deliver tailored, targeted solutions that drive business value.

Our Domains

  • Finance

  • BPM

    Workflow and BPM solutions addresses the challenges that enterprises face today of integrating people, processes and systems, by facilitating automation and optimization of business processes. Workflow and BPM solutions enable users to define processes, route and manage work items and integrate with existing applications. BPM solutions provide the means to simulate, monitor and analyze business processes and make them more effective.

    Amicus' Document Management & Workflow Group delivers solutions in the Enterprise Content Management space to help organizations manage information & processes efficiently.

    Our Value Added Services Include

    • End to End Solutions.
    • Business Process Consulting.
    • Solution Architecture Design.
    • Application Development.
    • Migration.
    • Training & Support.
  • Government

    Cybersecurity, computer security or IT security is the protection of computer systems from theft of or damage to their hardware, software or electronic data, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.

  • Energy & Utilities

    From delivering high calibre customer service to developing smarter energy capabilities, Amicus fulfils your outlook on improving energy and utility operational efficiency to new levels of safety, reliability and accessibility. Setting our focus on the crucial needs of present day organizations, we define and deploy innovative and adaptable approaches.

    Amicus provides its accelerated solutions without compromising at any instance to cater to your requirements. We delve deeper into out solutions pool to provide improved efficiency, reliability and better return on assets, transforming operations for today’s generation. Amicus energy and utility solutions integrates your diversified assets scattered throughout the world to enhance throughput and empower you in your decision making front in turn finding unique resources that can transform your way to unconventional operational efficiency.

  • Insurance

    From gathering data for developing new insurance solutions to strengthening more personal relationships, technology plays a decisive role in our generation’s ever changing environment. Amicus enables you to create a next generation insurance solution and facilitates in solving business challenges with our out of the box thinking combined with our proficiency in an amalgam of new technologies.

    We assist you in making the smart investment choices by focusing on streamlined operations. Our comprehensive insurance solutions help you meet your business goals and our insurance processes enable you to become substantial for yourself and reach your invaluable customer’s expectations.